KaVo Nomad Pro 2

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At a glance

• Handheld X-Ray system
• Safe and portable
• User-friendly
• Innovative ergonomic shape
• Weight dispersed evenly to add stability
• Lead-impregnated acrylic shield protects operator from scatter and direct radiation
• Internal housing encases the X-Ray tube and backscatter shield
• Clear, sharp, repeatable radiographic images
• 0.4mm focal spot
• No more drift or patient movement, as you are in the room with the patient, you can correct the position prior to exposure
• No need for wiring or drilling, no installation.
• Weight: 6 lbs/2.7kgs
• High capacity battery technology
• Comes with 2 batteries so there is no downtime when one requires charging
• Register with KaVo for the NOMAD Protection Plan
For more details, please see: https://www.kavo.com/en-us/imaging-solutions/kavo-nomad-pro-2-intraoral-x-ray

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