MyRay RXDC Hypersphere X-Ray Generator

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• Innovative technology, advanced ergonomics, revolutionary design
• Ergonomics
• Wireless
• Performance
• Multi-mode
• Sequence exposure
• Complete equipment set

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Product Description

The HyperSphere technology lends full rotation capability to the RXDC unit. A more firm grip is provided with the ergonomic zones on the sides of the cone head, allowing for more effective positioning.

The wireless hand-held remote control communicates with the X-ray tube, letting the operator have more freedom of movement.
This also allows easy and quick installation, with no fixed wall mounted panels. There are 2 simple settings for exposure programmes on a large display.

At 0.4mm (at 30cm) the focal spot is tiny, leading to sharp images under any conditions with HyperSphere technology.
The most harmful low energy radiation is reduced by the constant high frequency (DC) generator. Current is adjustable from 8 mA to 4 mA, as are exposure times.
Exposed surface area is reduced with the 30cm cone and rectangular collimator, lending to maximised image quality and better patient and worker health.

Exposure power and time are always selected according to the patient’s specific build and the area to be imaged.

Sequence exposure
There is a dynamic service cycle allowing for real-time monitoring of tube head temperature on display of the hand-held wireless controller and uninterrupted use of the RXDC, as in the case of systematic examinations.

Complete equipment set
RXDC – HyperSphere technology has a 30 cm cone with a circular and rectangular collimator. The rectangular collimator is essential for effectively capturing the capacity of the sensor. This limits the irradiation to the area under investigation, reducing the X-ray dose given to the patient.
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