14 Dec 2021

Is your practice being slowed down by your equipment?

Any dentist who has been faced with a large repair bill for practice equipment only to find out that the problem could have been avoided with regular maintenance understands the value of properly caring for the thousands of pounds of equipment required to keep a practice running smoothly.

Failure to maintain your equipment has financial consequences beyond just repair costs. When a practice is forced to close, it is estimated that it will lose €2,000 per day.

What would the answer be if you added up how much you pay for practice equipment that needs daily maintenance – which isn’t being serviced according to manufacturer specifications – and asked yourself if you can afford to repair it?

Is it possible for your practice to go on without those pieces of equipment? Will you be able to afford to replace them right away? Is that something you’re willing to risk?

Protect your practice and patients with our recommendations.

Understand the manufacturer’s advice.

Failure to follow a manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance cycles, servicing agreements, and registered technicians can void a warranty, leaving you with the costly option of replacing or repairing the item.

Don’t put it off any longer.

It can be difficult to keep track of anything that leads to the smooth operation of a busy practice, but maintenance must be done on a regular basis. Otherwise, equipment failure and expensive repairs could occur.

If you notice something isn’t quite right. Involve the pros.

Unlike a car, dental equipment rarely has a warning light to tell you when something is wrong and needs attention. If the equipment is creating an odd noise or isn’t functioning as it should, don’t use it any longer without seeking professional support.

By carrying on without support you could cause further damage and potentially, put your patient at risk.


It’s difficult to treat each object individually in surgery because there’s so much of it.

Instead, consolidate all the servicing agreements with one provider, that way servicing intervals can be managed collectively, and all agreements are held with one provider.

Buy yourself more time

With so much technology and engineering involved in the make-up of a dental practice it’s a reality that from time to time things need attention beyond servicing and maintenance.

To alleviate the impact, consider the benefits of extended warrantee agreements to ensure your investment is protected and, if the worst should happen, you will be offered a full replacement.

Don’t be slowed down by poorly performing equipment

If you have neglected your equipment or its old, it’s always worth gaining a health check to see if upgrading is the best option for your practice. Servicing can prolong the life of equipment, but without it, the aging process will speed up and mean more frequent investment and more downtime.

Ask for help

Your experience isn’t in the field of machinery. Dentistry is a career path. As a result, seek professional assistance and advice. That way, you can focus on treating patients and running a successful dental practice all day.

The financial burden of ignoring machinery isn’t the only one. Poorly maintained equipment will slow down your practice, irritate your staff, and even endanger your patients. Sound surgery protocols go hand in hand with good equipment maintenance.

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