29 Dec 2021

Chair Shutdown procedure for Stern Weber and Castellini

  • Depending on the version of your machine, run a cleaning cycle such as
  • Autosteril / Bioster or a 2 minute Flush cycle
  • By initiating dynamic instrumentation, you can remove the water bottle and drain all of the water from the lines.
  • Drain air condensate from beneath the spittoon or at the base of the chair.
  • Cleaning Procedure using Suction
  • All filters should be cleaned, and all rubber seals should be lightly greased with O ring grease or Vaseline.
  • Any suction, spittoon filters, or suction ends should not be left in any cleaning solution other than water.
  • Depress the Drain activation switch within the spittoon to drain the spittoon valve.
  • Turn off the unit on the chair as well as the one on the wall.

Procedure for Suction Motor shut down Durr and Cattani

  • Run your cleaning product through the Suction lines
  • Run 2 x volume of Clean Water afterwards
  • Run the Suction motor for 10 minutes with only air running through the suction tubes
  • Switch of the Suction Motor and remove the amalgam pot and clean and drain
  • Clean suction filter
  • Refit amalgam pot and filter and gently apply O ring grease or Vaseline to all rubber seals
  • Switch Off the Suction unit

Compressor Shutdown procedure

  • Turn Compressor Off
  • Drain the Tank of all Air with Tank Drain Valve
  • Drain the Dryer Column where applicable
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