26 Oct 2023

Sign up for the 40-minute webinar where Adam Wickenden, DEXIS Application engineer, will share his insights on the CBCT technology and DTX Studio™ Clinic, the award-winning imaging software that powers the DEXIS portfolio and more.

He is going to introduce some of the AI features we have implemented which help clinics or practices to save time in diagnosis and focus more on treating patients.


Main topics to be covered:

2D Dental Findings

Detect and diagnose potential abnormalities with the AI-powered key focus area feature in your 2D intraoral X-rays.


Using this feature the AI will automatically mount all of your images and assign all teeth with remarkable accuracy.

Mandibular Nerve Tracing

Another piece of the work flow you no longer need to worry about. DTX Studio™ does this for you on 3D imaging and OPG’s; allowing you to get the treatment plan together quickly – and get treatment agreed there and then.


Fusing together your CBCT scan with your intraoral scan data for a 3D view of underlying anatomy providing deeper visibility to diagnose and treat.

CBCT Features & Benefits

What direct and indirect benefits and opportunities can bring CBCT to your practice

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