Stern Weber Surgical Cart

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Excellent versatility
The Surgical Cart offers an advanced solution that also provides mobility in surgeries with multiple rooms.
In addition to providing everything needed to practice endodontics and implantology, the Cart can be provided with a quick connector for the power supply box. With one box in each room, surgeries can use just one Cart, moving it from room to room as needed.

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Product Description

Specialist Performance
To give dentists the freedom to express their hard- earned specialist talents, the Surgical Cart incorporates advanced instruments, a touch screen panel with latest- generation electronics and dedicated systems/software for implantology and endodontics.

Safe Mobility
Available with a standard or quick coupling for the floor- mounted connections box, the Surgical Cart can be used in more than one room of the surgery. Simple and safe, the coupling-decoupling mechanism provides dentists with greater organizational flexibility.

Tailor-Made Configuration
The Surgical Cart can be configured for traditional endodontics or reciprocating-mode instruments. For implant procedures, instead, a peristaltic pump and torque curves are available, as are specific references for implant procedures.

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