12 Sep 2022

Sterilisation: DOs & DON’Ts 10 common mistakes in dental equipment sterilisation and how to avoid them.


The sterilisation cycle is a critical step in the dental practice workflow. The safety of patients and of the medical team is based on the required use of sterile instrumentation.

This means being able to rely on a procedure aimed at destroying any living organism, pathogenic or not, present in vegetative or spore form on the surface of materials to be sterilised.


The procedure for achieving this goal is based on several steps summarised in this infographic.

The daily repetition of these procedures may become over time a routine practice which can lead to errors. These errors may even become consolidated over the years, especially if there is some operator turnover. This short guide aims to draw attention to 10 potential mistakes and offer 10 resolutions.

Bag/pouch tear or damage


Ineffective instrument sterilisation

Operator safety






Article by, MOCOM.

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