Mocom Autoclave B Futura
Mocom Autoclave B Futura
Mocom Autoclave B Futura
Mocom Autoclave B Futura
Mocom Autoclave B Futura
Mocom Autoclave B Futura
Mocom Autoclave B Futura

    Mocom Autoclave B Futura

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    At a glance

    • Steam generator and double head vacuum pump
    • Intuitive interface
    • User-friendly
    • Cycle traceability-internal memory
    • Cycle history downloadable via USB or over wifi
    • Colour touch screen, easy to select cycles
    • LED lighting
    • Internal water quality sensor- auto shut down when distilled water is not of acceptable quality
    • Delay start setting
    • Optional accompanying printer
    • Reverse osmosis demineraliser


    B Futura: Mocoms finest performance.

    B Futura is an intelligent sterilizer, destined to be an indispensable work tool. Only years of research and experience can produce such an exceptional result: a high performance, user-friendly product. The new B Futura sterilizer offers even faster, excellent performance, has an easy to use interface and allows full traceability of each sterilization cycle. Three versions, 17, 22 and 28-litres, are available (all have the same overall machine dimensions), each of them featuring a colour touch-screen LCD display.

    A standing ovation in praise of real class.

    Thanks to this evoluted control system, the B Futura offers immediate cycle selection and execution. The new colour touch-screen display features clear, easy-to-understand icons that identify machine functions and operating statuses.

    Cycles menu

    Sterilization cycles can be selected quickly and directly via the programme-associated icons on the touch-screen. The display also allows the user to select the language, manage users and personalise the sterilizer exactly as desired.

    Delayed start

    Designed to optimise the workflow, the B Futura sterilizer lets users programme sterilization and test cycle start times to take advantage of lower electricity costs at certain times of the day; this feature can also be used to prevent any overloading of electrical systems caused by simultaneous use of several devices or simply to have the sterilizer ready at the start of the next working day.

    High-quality production, ensured by thorough certification and approval standards, such as:
    ISO 9001/ISO 13485 Quality System applied to Medical Devices
    CE 0051 EC Medical Directive Marking