Global Microscopes A-Series
Global Microscopes A-Series
Global Microscopes A-Series
Global Microscopes A-Series
Global Microscopes A-Series
Global Microscopes A-Series
Global Microscopes A-Series
Global Microscopes A-Series
Global Microscopes A-Series

    Global Microscopes A-Series

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    At a glance

    Practitioners have come to trust in Global Surgical Corporation as the leader in dental microscopy. Every procedure is enhanced with the use of a microscope by helping you to more accurately and efficiently diagnose, and predictably treat your patients. Details that are difficult to see even with loupes are possible with a dental microscope, providing clear magnified images.
    Improved Ergonomics: Global Dental microscopes promote better posture. No matter the position of the patient, fatigue and strain can be reduced for the operator, while maintaining an upright posture.
    The new A-Series microscope comes in 3 different models. They have been developed with intuitive control at the forefront, while greatly enhancing visualization for prompt diagnosis, setting a new standard in dental microscopy.
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    • Comes in 3,4 and 6-steps of magnification
    • The magnification changer, handles & tension control are all in one place with the AXIS Control System
    • Updated binoculars with new locking diopter eyepieces
    • Eyepieces available in 10x and 12.5x with softer eyecups
    • Ergonomic handles with integral magnification changer
    • Over 100,000 lux LED light source – brightest available
    • Three-stage filter assembly: clear, amber and green
    • More mounting options than any other brand

    Mounting Options

    • Mobile Floor Stand
    Large wheels for easy movement between operator rooms. The base is scratch resistant to avoid marking being moved. Also available as Fixed-to-the Floor Mount and Through-the-Floor Mount
    • Ceiling Mount
    Available for 8 to 10-foot ceilings. Ease of delivery due to this optimised location. New universal 45° arm for wall or ceiling mount.
    • High or Low Wall Mount

    Compact folding against the wall. With new universal 45° arm for wall or ceiling mount.

    Upgrades Options

    • Global LED light source (highly recommended)
    50,000 hour life and the removal of both background fan noise and reduced heat exposure to operating area. This upgrade will also negate the need for any expensive halide bulb replacements. By far the most cost effective approach. A composite filter comes included. This will prevent premature curing, giving more time to manipulate the materials whilst your working area is being perfectly illuminated.

    • Multifocal Lens
    Reduces the need to re position your microscope, leading to more efficient set up and workflow.
    It will adjust to different distances when you work around different fields of vision, meaning you can retain your ideal position.
    All points within its 6-inch working distance can be fine-focused.
    Compatible with all Global microscopes.

    • Image and video capture solutions
    With the addition of a beam splitter and video tube system you are ready to attach a selection of DSLRs (with associated adaptor). This will enable you document procedures and gather data as you wish for patient education and records.

    • Inclinable Binocular/Binocular extender
    Inclinable binocular features widest articulation range of any binocular for operator comfort. This allows you to set your perfect working posture and increasing operator comfort dramatically. You can also add a binocular extender to match the microscope to your needs further. This moves the eyepieces even closer to the operator.

    • Binocular rotation ring
    Furthermore improving posture as this enables the binoculars to twist +/- 25 degrees. Meaning you can have the microscope tilted for more challenging procedures whilst you posture remains perfect.

    • Extension arms

    • Every operating environment is different as is every dentist. We support all our scopes with many variations of extension arms so the Global dental microscope can be seamlessly installed in any practice.

    • Dual Iris Diaphragm
    Particularly useful for photography, the dual iris diaphragm increases the depth of field.