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Convenience, efficiency and precision guaranteed!

This cordless electronic injection pen gives an easy and convenient way to deliver anesthetic.

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Product Description

Convenience, efficiency, and precision guaranteed!

Why choose the Soan cordless computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery system?

Compact and lightweight, Soan offers the efficiency of computer-controlled injection combined with the convenience of a cordless device. This innovative system is the world’s most precise anesthetic delivery method.

With its elegant and friendly design, this computerized injection system offers you unbeatable precision for all your local anesthesia’s.

The benefits of cordless electronic injection:

  • Easy and convenient handling
  • Painless for ALL injections (even palatal) thanks to the precision of a real pen grip associated with adapted flow rates
  • Soan is compatible with all dental needles.  Its association with Effitec Needles will eliminate the “prick” sensation offering the patient an optimal anesthesia experience
  • Easy and effective intrafilamentary injections resulting in a fast onset of anesthesia without any collateral numbness (bilateral mandibular treatments possible)
  • A non-threatening design that reassures all patients
  • The product penetrates drop by drop into the tissues, causing no pain
  • Effortless delivery, even for injections in dense tissues
  • Reduces necrosis
  • Optimal for the performance of intraosseous anesthesia on children (efficiency for MIH, pulpitis,…)

Like all injection pens in the Dentalhitec range, Soan features a pen grip enabling you to work with a high level of precision. This all-new cordless electronic injection system combines innovation with a sleek, elegant design patients find non-threatening. Because it’s cordless, it allows you as much freedom of movement as your manual syringe. This smart, high-tech device is a convenient, stress-free way to deliver anesthetic.

More comfort for the patient and the dentist! 

It is cordless and requires no disposable batteries, so it fits perfectly into your environment and meets your needs.

It calculates the resistance of the tissue in real time and adjusts the injection speed accordingly, for a pain free patient experience.

It’s elegant non-threatening design is suitable for children and adults.

With the pen grip your fingers grasp the device close to the needle for maximum precision.

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