MyRay X-Pod Intra Oral Sensor

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At a glance

• Compact portable device, lending to freedom of movement
• Immediate imaging and diagnostics
• Processed in real-time
• High definition images
• Syncs with your PC with iRYS software
• Transfer images via Bluetooth or USB
• Long battery power
• Removable SD memory card
• User friendly interface

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Product Description

With the touch screen display you can:


• Edit the patient name and file to the patient’s folder
• Assign the image to the correct dental region on the dentition chart
• Rotate the image correctly
• Measure distances point to point and calibrate the image
• Adjust brightness and contrast by changing filters

The high definition X-Pod sensor has 3 layers within an outer layer


• CSL-Caesium Iodide Scintillator. This converts the X-ray beam into visible light
• FOP-Optical fibres in this layer protect the sensor and preserve the image resolution
• CMOS-this is a capturing layer which turns light into a digital image
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