KaVo Focus Intraoral X-Ray Generator

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At a glance

  • Repeatable imaging
  • Exceptional stability with anti-drift mechanisms (ADM)
  • Smooth movements
  • Reliable and stable
  • Attractive design
  • A variety of cones available
  • Automatic dose display(DAP) built-in
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Several different cones to chose from to suit your patient needs
  • Can be mounted to KaVo treatment units with a special adaptor
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Product Description

With 3 different lengths to choose from, the FOCUS is always there when needed. It is easy to manoeuvre and light, yet amazingly stable. There is no drift after final positioning, which can be done one-handed. This leaves no need to reposition.

  • Short exposure times minimize patient dose.

For further information, please visit: https://www.kavo.com/en-uk/dental-x-ray-machines-and-diagnostics/focus-intraoral