KaVo 3D Vision

At a glance

• QuickScan+ for 3D X-ray, 4.8seconds and ultra low dose
• Optimised image clarity with Visual iQuity
• User-friendly SmartScan STUDIO touchscreen
• Steady patient positioning with Ergonomic Stability System (ESS), prevents movement artefacts
• 9 volume sizes
• 4.8 second exposure time with QuickScan+
• Sitting patient position

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Product Description


The upgradable 3D X-ray system for the strictest demands Regardless of which dental query you may have, the KaVo ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D Vision X-ray system is the answer. Whether it is for implantology, surgery, endodontics, TMJ, respiratory path analysis, or orthodontics. Even with complex indications, a quick diagnosis and simple creation of treatment plans are ensured.

Highlights & Advantages

  • Upgradable 3D device: three options for all your clinical needs — now and in the future
  • QuickScan+ for 3D X-ray exposures with only 4.8 seconds cycle time and ultra low radiation dose
  • Visual iQuity™ for optimised 3D image quality and clarity
  • SmartScan STUDIO™ touchscreen for quick and simple operation with user-friendly operating concept
  • Ergonomic Stability System (ESS) offers stable patient positioning and prevents motion artifacts

An investment that grows with your practice

Start with the right machine for your practice, and upgrade when you are ready to grow into new areas. The KaVo OP 3D Vision upgradable platform makes moving to a larger field-of-view seamless.

Flexibility with nine volume sizes

The KaVo OP 3D Vision, with 9 FoV sizes and various low-dose settings, offers great flexibility when choosing the exposure mode. With volume sizes from 5 x ø 8 cm, 4 to 13 x ø 16 cm, up to 17 x ø 23 cm, you have a wide range of options. You can choose between three upgradable versions, based on true clinical needs:

  • V8 includes volume sizes 5 x and 8 x ø 8 cm.
  • V10 offers additionally 4 x, 6 x, 8 x and 10 x ø 16 cm.
  • V17 gives you the whole portfolio including 11 x and 13 x ø 16 cm as well as 17 x ø 23 cm.

For further details, pleased see: 3D Vision Extraoral X-Ray