CS 3800 Intraoral Wireless Scanner

Dental practitioners are getting a whole new experience in acquiring impressions, thanks to the freedom of this wireless intraoral scanner. Freedom from cables, freedom to pursue their preferred workflow, freedom to pay only for what they use, and freedom to interact with their partners, how they prefer, when they prefer. And, as the result of a renewed collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche, the CS 3800 displays a timeless, ergonomic design that ensures a high-performance scanning experience.

View the CS 3800 Intraoral Wireless Scanner Brochure here.

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Product Description

The CS 3800 Intraoral Scanner


  • High-performance wireless intraoral scanner for optimal mobility
  • One of the lightest and most compact intraoral scanners on the market
  • Fast and smooth scanning thanks to a large and deep field of view
  • Easier for you and end-to-end workflows provide a seamless user experience

The Freedom of Wireless

CS 3800 Wireless Scanner

Packed with Power
The scanner offers up to one-hour of continuous scanning. The smart charging station, back-up power cable and optional extra batteries and charging unit ensure the scanner is always ready-for-use.

Stable Wireless Connection
Dedicated point-to-point WiFi access ensures a robust and stable transmission for a continuous and efficient scanning procedure. Simply plug in the WiFi dongle and press the button to start scanning, it’s that easy.

CS 3800 Scanners


Super-fast Scanning
With a proven scanning time of 25 seconds for a single arch,* the CS 3800’s capture speed frees up more time for focusing on patients.

A Smoother Scanning Experience

The CS 3800’s enlarged 16 mm x 14 mm field-of-view and significantly broader 21 mm depth of field capture the details you need—even in interproximal areas and subgingival margins.

Ultra-lightweight And Compact

Weighing only 240 grams, the CS 3800 is one of the lightest and most compact intraoral scanners on the market and fits comfortably in your hand. DYNAMIC HANDPIECE CONTROL Two buttons let you intuitively access CS 3800 functions.

Gesture Motion Control

The CS 3800 handpiece features an embedded sensor that lets you orient the digital model on screen by simply rotating the scanner, eliminating the need to use the mouse. Simply move your hand and the model follows its movement so you can stay focused on your patient.

Interchangeable Tips

Three styles are provided to optimize scanning comfort. The tips can be autoclaved up to 110 times, reducing consumable costs and ensuring proper sterilization.

End To End Workflow

It all starts with a scan.

The wireless CS 3800 is the first part of the seamless workflow provided by CS Solutions. Unlock the full potential of your practice with software and hardware that perform in harmony for a seamless end-to-end workflow with countless new possibilities. CS Solutions supports multiple indications and makes data acquisition easier and more precise, speeds up treatments and helps improve the patient experience.

More Than an Intraoral Scanner. The CS 3800 can be used as a communication tool with patients.

The scanner can be used as an intraoral camera capturing vivid 2D intra-oral images— an ideal conversation starter with a patient. Videos extracted from the 3D datasets can also be used with patients to serve as a communication aid.

View the CS 3800 Intraoral Wireless Scanner Brochure here.


CS Connect

CS Web ViewerCS Connect
  • Easily collaborate and communicate with labs.
  • The cloud-based Webviewer has a new white background and display improvements for vivid 3D HD image review.
  • Orientation adjustment tools, snapshot capture and occlusion proximity tools provide advanced adjustment, review and export capabilities.
  • Enhanced ecosystem and pairing with Quick Connect Partners.
  • Discover a faster, more secure way to exchange information.
  • Export data with one click to your referrals or chosen lab using your preferred export format, including
  • STL, PLY, OBJ, Xorder for DWOS, and Dentalproject for EXOCAD.
  • Eliminate shipping costs and delays, manual tasks and streamline your workflow.
  • Empower your lab with the freedom to use its preferred CAD software


CS 3800 Specifications