02 Mar 2022


There is no doubt that sterilization comes first. However, every process may be improved, and each improved feature has a significant impact on dental surgery. When it came to revamping its product line, Mocom wanted to go above and above. Here’s how it went down.

Tap water is both convenient and cost-effective. The goal of recovering and reusing water has been achieved with the top-of-the-line model, Supreme. Supreme revolutionizes the sterilization industry. Rates of minimum consumption. While 5 litres would ordinarily be insufficient for 8 cycles, Supreme utilizes the same amount for up to 50 cycles, or 100ml per cycle. A full-fledged revolution is underway. It is the first closed-loop sterilizer to use mains water through an internal filtration system that recycles the water, allowing it to be reused in subsequent cycles. This performance saves waste, lowers expenses, and provides a significant boost in the efficiency of any modern dental practice.

The B Futura, which is already known for its exceptional performance, now comes standard with Wi-Fi connectivity and an integrated demineralization system, as well as the ability to download cycle data straight to a connected PC.

These two models can receive remote help when connected to the Internet via the Easy Check service, while Di.V.A. (Digital Virtual Assistant) is the first cloud-based control and traceability system for Mocom sterilization machines.

The range is complemented by the sterilizers B Classic and B Now, as well as by thermal sealers, ultrasound tanks, thermal disinfectors, and Tethys H10 Plus, a revolutionary device that performs decontamination, washing, thermal disinfection and drying in a single automated process. One cycle that eliminates all risks for the operator and efficiently completes the four phases that precede instruments’ wrapping and sterilization.

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Article by Mocom, 06 March 2019.

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