30 Sep 2021

Because of the devices’ connectivity and technological content, Mocom sterilization systems make the reconditioning cycle easier with available training resources. The need of properly and meticulously completing all sterilization stages of medical devices is well understood, and it is critical to protect everyone’s safety. It is not only a moral commitment, but it is also a legal requirement, as it is required by law to ensure the health and safety of all patients.

Each step of the sterilizing procedure must be tracked, recorded, and stored so that the dentist may establish compliance with health and safety regulations in the event of a dispute.

What are the reconditioning steps? Collection, disinfection, washing, rinsing, drying, inspection and maintenance, packaging, sterilization, traceability, and storage; this is the most time-consuming operation compared to other dental practice activities. In general, the process will be handled by the dentist’s assistant, so accurate and up-to-date assistant training is recommended and required. It is critical that the assistant understands how to use all of the clinic’s equipment correctly.

What can we do to make learning and proper device usage easier? Mocom proposes an appropriate solution to answer to any doubts or worries and ensure healthy and safe usage of their products and related services within the scope of analyzing and attempting to solve the difficulties most typically experienced by dental professionals.

Everything is done with the goal of improving the workflow, making it faster and safer, as well as lowering energy usage and protecting the environment. Our main focus, on the other hand, remains on ensuring maximal health protection.

The premise that underpins Mocom’s approach is that each device must be able to reduce work cycles in a practical and timely manner, making the work of all employees easier and more efficient. Professional dentistry made easier by connectivity. Thanks to the integrated WiFi and with an internet connection, it is possible to access services offered by the company remotely, such as support and management and storage of reports on the Cloud, and most importantly, video-tutorials. Mocom provides dentists with training and information videos on the operation and maintenance of the device that can be viewed directly on the display. They are extremely helpful and make the staff completely self-sufficient.

They introduce, and guide through, each task step by step, ensuring full functionality, maintenance control and precise process training. In this way, Mocom manages to offer effective support for total management of the entire practice.

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