03 Jan 2023

In the current climate, hygiene is a more sensitive and relevant topic than ever before. That’s why at KaVo, we continue to work hard to ensure that you can rely on our safety features in every step of your work.

When it comes to hygiene, there are always two priorities: your personal safety, and the safety of your patients and staff. And this applies during all stages of treatment. To ensure this happens, all KaVo products have reliable, smart details and features that are intended to protect everyone involved in the process from infections.

You can always rely on KaVo Hygiene Solutions

In KaVo treatment units for example, intelligent hygiene solutions have always been integrated, meaning there is less exposure for operators. In addition, automated processes save valuable time when implementing hygiene measures and guarantee years of functional reliability – even in extended periods of non-use.

In addition, KaVo instruments are also equipped with clever features that optimize hygiene levels at all times. For example, our anti-suckback retraction system helps keep instruments more hygienically safe and in optimum working condition.

The KaVo hygiene solutions are rounded off with consumable products such as the Kerr CaviWipes for simple surface disinfection.

Important advice for KaVo Treatment units and Instruments: Hygiene measures weekly, after extended times of non-use or unregular use

Cleaning and disinfecting of instrument tubes (inside) and water supply system:

  • ESTETICA E80/E70 Vision: Start cleaning programme using the „weekly“ cleaning tab
  • ESTETICA E80/ E70, ESTETICA E50 Life / ESTETICA E50, Primus 1058 Life / Primus 1058 with „intensive germ reduction“ kit as well as ESTETICA 1065/1066: Start cleaning program „Intensive germ reduction“
  • ESTETICA E30: Start manual intensive germ reduction

Cleaning and disinfecting suction tubes and suction system:

  • ESTETICA E80/E70 Vision: Start cleaning programme „weekly“ in cleaning tab
  • ESTETICA E80/ E70, ESTETICA E50 Life / ESTETICA E50 with DEKAmat kit start program „HYDROclean/Tubewashing“
  • ESTETICA E50 Life / ESTETICA E50, Primus 1058 Life / Primus 1058, ESTETICA 1065/ 1066/ ESTETICA E30: Aspirate manually one dose DEKASEPTOL Gel with HV suction tube and saliva ejector, suck cold water and finish with a further dose of DEKASEPTOL/ DEKAPURE Gel. Place back HV suction tube and saliva ejector.

As soon as the unit has reached step “4.0 Einwirkphase”, switch off the device. With the high concentration in the water system, the unit is now protected against contamination for the next 4 weeks. As soon as you switch the unit on again, the water system is rinsed fully automatically. If the last start of an intensive germ reduction was less than a week ago, the unit is ready for the treatment of a patient without further measures.

For extended times of non-use exceeding 4 weeks, please repeat the intensive germ reduction every 4 weeks. If the last intensive germ reduction was more than a week ago, repeat the process at the first day before re-starting treatments. Allow around 45 minutes for this process.

Processing of instruments

Please process the instruments as soon as possible after the treatment and avoid leaving the instruments on the motor couplings or quick couplings after treatment. Please follow the corresponding instructions for use of the products and carry out the preparation as described.

These notes on the hygiene measures contain only the essential operating functions. They do not replace the instructions for use, care instructions and hygiene plans. These must be considered to avoid malfunctions and damage.

The KaVo hygiene system essentially comprises the following elements:

  1. Hygiene for your KaVo treatment centers: always safe and ready for use.

KaVo treatment centers have been setting hygiene standards in the dental practice with intelligent functions for years. These include:

  • Fully or partially automated permanent germ reduction with OXYGENAL 6 or the instrument rinsing function according to RKI, which effectively cleans your water-supply systems and prevents contamination.
  • The disinfection of the suction system of your treatment center with DEKASEPTOL Gel. This process is fully automated with the ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision / ESTETICA E70/E80, or with the ESTETICA E50 Life / ESTETICA E50 with the DEKAMAT.
  • The intensive germ reduction (in combination with the water block DVGW) ensures the impeccable quality of cooling and rinsing fluids even after extended periods of non-use.

As a precautionary measure, KaVo has also taken into consideration where product surfaces need to be touched. Simply remove contaminated movable parts such as handles, instrument holders or cuspidor for cleaning. Some of these can also be thermodisinfected and sterilized.

Find out more about the hygiene functions of the KaVo treatment centers.

  1. Integrated hygiene in KaVo instruments – safety in your hands

In 1928, we were able to set the standard in hygiene safety with the first ever sterilizable handpiece. Today, useful hygiene details and clever, automated hygiene and safety features are integrated in numerous KaVo instruments:

  • Direct Stop Technology on MASTERseries instruments stops the dental drill in less than one second, meaning that the back-flow of aerosols or particles is effectively prevented.
  • Smooth surfaces, minimal gaps and high-quality materials and coatings enable easy cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.
  • The capability to thermodesfinfect or sterilise our instruments protects against cross-contamination. All KaVo instruments marked with the thermal disinfection symbol can be processed in the washer disinfector (RDG) in accordance with DIN 15883 and are therefore suitable for optimal, mechanical cleaning and germ reduction.

Find out more about the hygiene functions of KaVo instruments: Hygiene functions of the KaVo instruments -> 

  1. Simple and effective surface cleaning with CaviWipes

The ready-to-use CaviWipes disinfectant wipes for surface cleaning of medical instruments and devices is effective against TB, HBV, HCV, HIV, viruses (hydrophilic and lipophilic), bacteria (including MRSA and VRE) and fungi in 3 minutes max. CaviWipes have an alcohol content of 17.2%, remove germ contamination and disinfect. The material compatibility of the disinfectant wipes has been tested and recommended by KaVo and other leading dental manufacturers. The durable, non-woven wipes do not contain any carcinogenic ingredients, fragrances, dyes or bleach, nor aldehyde or phenol. CaviWipes are certified by the Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH) and are the No. 1 surface disinfectant wipes in the USA.

KaVo is by your side when it comes to your practice hygiene and compliance with the relevant guidelines. Put your trust in our hygiene systems. We are happy to answer any questions you may have C

Article by, KaVo.

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