Equipment Accessories

Equipment Accessories

Saliva Ejector Suct.Hose

Disposable Screen, To Fit A-Dec Solid Collector; Pkg Of 144

Cattani D11 Spiral Hose & Adaptors

1 Liter Plastic Bottle W/Cap & Pick-Up Tube


Ster 1 Plus 1000Ml


Light Bulb, 12 Vac 55 Watt Performer

Bulb, 17 Vac 95 Watt, To Fit A-Dec 6300 Light

Light Shield, To Fit A-Dec 500/6300 Halogen Lights

2 Liter Bottle W/Cap & Pick-Up Tube

Amalgam Container (Turbosmart)

Inlet Debris Filter (Turbosmart)

Pulse Cleaner