07 May 2020
ASI: In Search for Aerosols Answer

Could Molecular Iodine Be an Answer to Aerosols?

There is heightened interest in controlling airborne pathogens that could potentially be generated from the aerosols created from the use of high-speed handpieces, ultrasonic scalers, and even the air/water syringe.

It could be of interest to see if an antimicrobial solution could be used in the dental water supply to mitigate potential pathogens within the aerosol. An advantage would be that it could provide protection against both waterline and airborne pathogens.

Molecular Iodine is an effective antiviral solution without some of the disadvantages of traditional iodine, such as staining and taste. The excerpt below is from the article Molecular Iodine: Could This Be a Game Changer for Dentistry?

“Molecular iodine is an essential nutrient and is safe for chronic use. It is used in very low concentrations and is strongly effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and even spores. This product is clear and non-staining. It is more effective and safer than chlorhexidine gluconate, povidone iodine, peroxide, alcohol or any other currently available mouth rinse. It is the most effective and efficient product at reducing both periodontal and cariogenic pathogens without inducing microbial resistance.”

The methodology could simply be adding a portion of liquid concentrate in the water bottle to the dental unit.   The manufacture’s literature recommends a dilution of 1:10 parts for oral irrigators.

ASI will be testing the concentrate of the IORinse solution in varying concentrations to evaluate whether it is safe for use with the metals and gasket materials within our equipment, and prolonged use to prevent build-up or clogging of valves or handpiece ports. ASI Dental has no affiliation with IO Tech International but is interested in assisting with potential solutions to keep dentistry safe and viable.

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