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About Gendex

Gendex. Imaging Excellence.

Gendex, known for its reliable, innovative, and affordable imaging equipment, offers a wide variety of solutions for both general dentists and specialists. The company’s strong history in x-ray manufacturing, along with a deep dedication to deliver products that exceed the needs of dental professionals, have earned Gendex recognition as a global leader. Gendex, headquartered in North America, is a worldwide leading company committed to the research and development, production and distribution of imaging equipment for the dental market. Gendex offers a complete range of radiology and imaging products for both traditional and digital applications.


Gendex Range

Cone Beam 3D Imaging

Gendex GXDP-700™ Series

The GXDP-700 Series is the perfect solution for progressive dentistry — dynamic, modular and expandable. As your practice grows and your procedure offerings expand, you can upgrade on your timeline and within your budget, seamlessly and affordably. One Innovative System — Four Modular Options A complete solution that protects your investment and peace-of-mind. Now or in the future, with field upgradable options, you’re ready to take this hard-working pan to the next level of cephalometric, 3D SFOV imaging, or both. We’ve made it easy to build the system that’s right for you:

  • GXDP-700 Panoramic Imaging System
  • GXDP-700 C Panoramic and Cephalometric Imaging System
  • GXDP-700 S Panoramic and 3D CBCT Imaging System
  • GXDP-700 SC Panoramic, 3D CBCT and Cephalometric Imaging System


Products|Cone-Beam-3D-CBCT-Imaging|Gendex-GXDP-700-Series GXDP-700-C-front-view-logo-series – Gendex Dental


Gendex GXCB-500

Gendex enters a new dimension in dental imaging with the GXCB-500, powered by i-CAT®,

the industry-leading technology and robust software for 3-D imaging. Featuring easy-to-use,

push button controls and seated patient positioning to minimize movement, the GXCB-500

offers dental professionals a unique ‘medium field of view’ of up to 14 cm diameter x 8 cm

height — providing immediate diagnostic information on the patient to precisely plan implant

treatment with exact measurements prior to surgery.


Panoramic 2D Imaging

  • Gendex GXDP-700™ Series (as above)
  • Gendex GXDP-300™ Digital Panoramic X-ray System

Products|Panoramic-X-ray-Systems|Gendex-GXDP-300 GXDP-300-666-closeup-LCDpanel – Gendex Dental

One look at the new GXDP-300 and it’s clear that our focus is you. Image quality, performance, reliability, and affordability… leave it to Gendex to create a digital panoramic system with you in mind. The GXDP-300 incorporates the features you are looking for: the most commonly-used imaging modes; a simple, three-step process; and a sleek, compact body design that’s built for long life. With the GXDP-300 digital panorex system, you get exactly what your practice needs for diagnostic efficiency and improved office productivity — great-looking images at a competitive price.



IntraOral X-rays

Gendex Expert DC

Gendex delivers direct imaging for digital diagnosis!

In contrast to AC units, this direct current powerhouse delivers strong benefits for your practice: shorter exposures, reduced radiation, and truly consistent image quality. Its industry leading focal spot of 0.4 mm creates significantly sharper images than other intraorals, regardless if you operate with digital sensors, PSP, or film. Leading technology and daily dependability – the legendary Gendex reputation continues with the expert DC.

Products|Intraoral-X-ray-Systems|expert-DC intraoral_patient_small – Gendex Dental



Digital Sensors

Gendex GXS-700

Gendex GXS-700. The Vision To Advance Your Quality Of Care.

Products|Digital-Intraoral-Sensors|Gendex-GXS-700 gxs700_pc_frontview – Gendex Dental

Meet the latest advancement in Digital Intraoral Sensors!

Introducing the GXS-700, designed to make migrating from film, or upgrading a digital system, easier than ever. As the eighth generation digital sensor from Gendex, the GXS-700 system comes from a strong lineage of imaging excellence, raising the performance bar for other digital sensors. From ease-of-use and portability, to enhanced acuity and sustainability, these new sensors underscore our desire and commitment to help advance your practice with innovative and affordable solutions.


Phosphor Plate Scanners

Gendex GXPS-500

GXPS Digital X-ray Phosphor Plate System

Products|Digital-X-ray-Phosphor-Plates|Gendex-GXPS-500 GXPS-500-045-hygienist-at-workstation1 – Gendex Dental

Products|Digital-X-ray-Phosphor-Plates|Gendex-GXPS-500 GXDP-500-Logo – Gendex Dental

Enlighten Your Practice With The Power Of PSP

All of the gain. None of the processing pain. Your practice can fast track into digital imaging with the speedy, compact GXPS-500 PSP.* Acquire clear, sharp images and gain fast digital scanning while keeping the office’s familiar workflow process and preserving your past investment in x-ray equipment, whether its AC or DC. Flexible and thin, wireless PSP plates match the sizes and are positioned in the same manner as traditional film. In an instant, imaging plates are converted and cleared for re-use, and digital images are ready for review and diagnosis. With the GXPS-500, you’ll efficiently eliminate the cost, time, and messiness associated with traditional film processing and effectively advance your practice’s technology.



Digital Cameras

Gendex GXC-300

GXC-300 Intraoral Camera – The Simple Tool For Patient Education

Gendex continues their long tradition of providing dental professionals with quality imaging equipment with our brand new, GXC-300 lightweight intraoral camera. Combining the latest video technologies, the GXC-300 is an exceptional tool for patient education, higher case acceptance, and improved patient communication.


Instrumentarium Range

Cone Beam 3D Imaging



ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® OP300 Maxio Advanced 3D, panoramic and cephalometric imaging that offers diagnostic information of the entire maxillofacial region. A new member of the legendary product family.



ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® OP300 Advanced 3D, panoramic and cephalometric imaging A platform for changing needs.

Panoramic 2D Imaging * ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® OP200 D

ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP200 Advanced panoramic imaging system A proven leader in panoramic imaging.



Digital panoramic imaging system Design and quality.

IntraOral X-rays



FOCUS™ X-ray with Anti-Drift Mechanism is a premium quality high-frequency intra-oral DC unit. An ideal tool for demanding dental professionals – like you..



Digital Sensors


SNAPSHOT™ is a truly portable direct digital intraoral sensor which provides best-in-class clinical results for dental radiography. SNAPSHOT™ sensors lend themselves to all types of dental practices and intraoral imaging needs.



Phosphor Plate Scanners


EXPRESS™ is a digital imaging plate system for dental radiography. It lends itself to all types of dental practices and intraoral imaging needs. The fluent film-like workflow helps produce superb, consistent clinical results fast and with ease. EXPRESS™ can be shared with multiple users over a network and is a safe investment for long-lasting performance.

Express Origo

Clear and sharp EXPRESS™ Origo intraoral images reproduce grey-levels accurately to show the required diagnostic information even in the smallest details. Just

insert the imaging plate.



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