One of a kind, built to suit you. The advantage of Stern Weber S300 dental units lies in their immense configuration flexibility. The two ergonomic models of the series – Continental and International – incorporate the full range of available optionals: instruments, systems, accessories.The more the integrated treatment centre suits your operating style, the greater the benefits in terms of comfort, the more fluid the workflow. In short, efficiency will be a natural consequence of personalisation.

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 S280 TRC Dental Chair

Reliability is a building block for evolution. The beauty of the latest S200 treatment centre lies in the vast potential it offers. Whatever your requirements, the starting point is a rock-solid unit designed for use, whereas the opportunities to personalise the equipment reach far beyond customary standards and bring you the latest innovations created by Stern Weber.

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Series S200 Dental chair

TR Series

Professionalism deserves the best. The S320TR dental unit, available with three different ergonomic set-ups - Continental, International and Side Delivery – offers solutions that make a wide range of settings possible. Digital technology makes it possible to interact with and manage both multimedia applications and advanced instruments. Decidedly forward-thinking, the new Full Touch 5.7” glass touch-screen control panel, as standard on all models, is a technological ‘bridge’ that provides sophisticated connectivity between the dental unit and its systems, including those that are external.

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Dental Chair S320 TR

Unparalleled versatility Classic and innovative ergonomics. Six models that cover a vast range of dentistry needs, characterised by the floor-mounted unit body, independent from the patient chair and its movements. Each of the six models is a true treatment centre that offers, from every viewpoint, innovation, excellent reliability and performance levels suited to every possible need.

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S220 TR Dental Chair

TRC Series

Talent-enhancing innovation Certain innovations soon become accepted norms, others provide inspiration to those who share their brilliance. Thanks to outstanding compactness, the dental unit structure, together with the suspended patient chair design, creates plenty of space for the medical staff, making treatment easier and allowing dentists to express their talent in full. The S280TRC combines a host of tangible, practical aspects with a multitude of ergonomic solutions and innovative technologies, creating an original, to-be-discovered integrated treatment centre that is ready to inspire.

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TRC S280 Dental Chair

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