SW 17 Plus – SW 22 Plus The new Stern Weber 17 PLUS and 22 PLUS sterilisers have been designed to lighten the dental personnel’s daily workload while minimising the impact of manual tasks on general surgery workflows. With the brand new touchscreen display, users have immediate control over functions. Moreover, the system provides a comprehensive series of warning messages to highlight the importance of regular maintenance and so ensure constant high-level performance. Automatisms, optional devices, systems that ensure traceability and dependable safety mechanisms are combined with the first-rate durability and reliability for which Stern Weber products are rightly renowned.

SW 17 – SW 22 Designed to optimise all aspects of in-surgery sterilisation, Stern Weber autoclaves are built to last and, thanks to outstanding reliability, always provide exceptional results. Available in two volumes (17 and 22 litres), both models are easy to use and feature an LCD display showing user-friendly cycle data and menus. Hard-wearing and made of only the highest quality materials, these units are designed to meet all the dental surgery’s sterilisation needs by providing an outstanding, workflow-optimising combination of functionality and ergonomics.



Stern Weber guarantees absolute flexibility by offering a series of advantageous accessories, ranging from demineralisation systems to the external printer and Wi-Fi module. Depending on the specific requirements of the surgery, dentists can integrate desired devices modularly to allow personalisation of workflow configurations.


Heat Sealers

Stern Weber heat sealers provide dental practices with practical, reliable solutions that increase the time available to sterilisation room staff drastically.


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