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Murray Woods - Dental Healthcare

The Murray Woods management team comprise of Richard Woods and Caleb Murray. Together they have 15 years experience in the commercial Dental Industry. The initial direction of the company is to leverage on their core strengths in the service and equipment departments. Their knowledge and problem solving abilities have become widely appreciated and revered among the dental community and hence an enormous amount of trust has followed. The aim is to capitalise on these traits and to separate themselves from the competition by offering a level of break down and after sale service that becomes the gold standard.

Richard Woods

Richard joined McCormack Horner in 2006 initially as a consultant to the engineering division, before becoming manager of the division in 2007 to 5 engineers. He later became a shareholder and director. In approximately 2008, McCormack Horner acquired Irish Dental Equipment and the company was renamed to Dental Medical Ireland. While running the engineering division, Richard was trained on a number of dental products but specialised in digital radiography and software. In 2010, he moved into Equipment sales before managing the department a year later. He sold his shareholding back to the company in 2013 and became a consultant to DMI and freelance service provider. He holds a BAI mechanical engineering degree from Trinity College Dublin and an MSc biomedical engineering degree from Oxford University, UK. He also has a master’s degree in business management from University College Dublin, and is a member of the Engineers Institute of Ireland.

Caleb Murray

Caleb joined DMI in 2009 as a service engineer. His technical and engineering skills were remarkably apparent and became the most sought after engineer within the DMI customer base. His commercial ability and innovate thinking was exceptional and was quickly promoted to assistant engineering manager in 2010, and later that year as full manager. He was the first manager to create  notable profit in the engineering division, a division which traditionally served as loss making. In 2013, he left DMI to become the engineering manager of BOC Gases UK and Ireland, overseeing 16 engineers. He graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology with a BEng Tech and BEng (Hons) in Mechanical and Processing Engineering, respectfully, and is now also  member of the Engineers Institute of Ireland.